Our Hacking Homeownership Education Program | Free Education by Expert Realtors

This class is designed to educate the community about the process of home buying, learn about the different financing options and various loan programs, and lastly the benefits of homeownership and the positive effects in the community. One of the ways to address Housing Insecurity is to inform and educate the community paths to homeownership. Rents are increasing, families are displaced, and some folks feel purchasing a home is not a reality. Whether you’re ready now or a year(s) from now, get the information about home buying. Understand the process, know your options, learn of various down payment assistance programs available, and then plan for the future.



Upcoming Events


Wed 6.19

Hacking Homeownership | Heroes Program: Giving Back to Our Community

Hosted by Roy Machado

6:30 PM PST

Join us in June for a special edition of Hacking Homeownership dedicated to our Heroes Program. This month, we focus on giving back to our community by supporting those who serve us. Learn about the various ways we contribute towards community projects and support programs for our heroes. Discover how you can be a part of this initiative and make a difference. Don't miss this opportunity to support and uplift our local heroes!

Wed 7.17

Hacking Homeownership | First Time Homebuyers: Downpayment Assistance and More

Hosted by Roy Machado

6:30 PM PST

July's Hacking Homeownership event is all about first-time homebuyers! Join us to explore downpayment assistance programs and other valuable resources designed to help you take the first step towards homeownership. Our experts will guide you through the process, from finding the perfect home to securing the best mortgage. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make your homebuying journey a success.

Wed 8.21

Hacking Homeownership | Back 2 School: Investing in Rental Properties

Hosted by Roy Machado

6:30 PM PST

August brings a back-to-school twist to Hacking Homeownership with a focus on investing in rental properties. Learn how to identify profitable income sources, explore loan programs for multifamily units, and discover financing options for ADUs. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this event will provide you with the tools and insights needed to build a successful real estate portfolio.

Wed 9.18

Hacking Homeownership | First Time Homebuyers: Exploring Loans, Grants, and Downpayment Assistance

Hosted by Roy Machado

6:30 PM PST

September's Hacking Homeownership event is dedicated to first-time homebuyers. Dive deep into the various loan options, new grants, and downpayment assistance programs available to you. Our expert speakers will share valuable tips and strategies to help you secure the best financial support for your homebuying journey. Don't miss this chance to learn about the latest opportunities and make your dream of homeownership a reality.

Wed 10.16

Hacking Homeownership | Sellers and Contingent Sales: Buy Before You Sell

Hosted by Roy Machado

6:30 PM PST

October's Hacking Homeownership event focuses on sellers and contingent sales. Discover innovative solutions for buying before you sell, including the HomeLight and HomeSimple programs, bridge loans, and more. Learn how to navigate the challenges of selling and buying simultaneously, and explore strategies to ensure a smooth transition from one home to the next. Join us to gain insights and make informed decisions for your real estate transactions.

Wed 11.20

Hacking Homeownership | New Tools and Programs for Today's Buyers

Hosted by Roy Machado

6:30 PM PST

November's Hacking Homeownership event introduces the latest tools and programs designed for today's buyers. As we look ahead to 2025, our experts will showcase new resources and innovative solutions to help you navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Stay ahead of the curve and discover how these new tools can enhance your homebuying experience. Join us to stay informed and prepared for the future of homeownership.

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